Teeth Straightening

Transform Your Smile

Did you know you can have braces at any age? Braces can move the teeth, transforming your smile and confidence.

We can offer:

  • Different brace types. We provide lots of brace types, including invisible ones that are hidden behind the teeth.
  • A range of payment options. We do a non-finance, interest-free instalment system to make payments manageable.
  • Free bleaching. Free bleaching is provided with all of our orthodontic treatments if you are over 18 years old.
  • Flexible appointment times. Flexible appointments are available to fit your treatments around other aspects of your life.

Private Orthodontic Treatments

Fixed Metal Braces

This is what is also known as traditional ‘train track’ braces with small metal squares attached to each tooth and a wire running across them. New technology means that these are much smaller in size now than they used to be.

Fixed Clear Ceramic Braces

These braces are small clear squares which are glued to the teeth with a wire running between the squares. They are much more subtle than traditional metal fixed braces and are the most popular brace type we provide! 

Clear Removable Aligners

These are a set of thin plastic trays that fit over your teeth and progressively move the teeth into position. They are removable and can barely be seen which also makes them very popular with our patients.  

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are small metal squares which are fitted behind the teeth (the side of the teeth touching the tongue) and are almost completely invisible. Each square is custom manufactured for each individual patient’s tooth in a high-tech laboratory based in Germany!

Free Teeth Whitening

Most of our patients wish for whiter as well as straighter teeth. So, a course of bleaching is included with all our adult private orthodontic treatments! We provide flexible payment plans to make payments more affordable and manageable. Braces can feel a little strange and achy at first, but this usually settles after a few days of having them fitted. Once they are fitted you will be seen on a regular basis for adjustments. We know that life can get busy, so we offer flexible appointment times to fit the treatment around other aspects of your life

What Happens Next?

The first step is to come and chat with us! We offer a free initial consultation where we find out more about you, your concerns, goals and to give you some information on what is possible for you to think about. 

NHS Orthodontic Treatments

We are proud to be one of the biggest providers of NHS braces in Lancashire. Your eligibility for NHS braces depends on your age and position of the teeth and this is confirmed when you are initially assessed. 

The braces provided on the NHS are the traditional ‘train track’ metal braces with small metal squares attached to each tooth and a wire running across them. Technology means that these are much smaller in size now than they used to be! 

The small squares stay glued on the teeth but the wire is changed throughout treatment and small elastics around the squares are changed at each visit. One of the best parts is that you can choose from lots of different colours including a grey colour for a subtle look, as well as bright colours.

The first step is for your dentist to refer you to us for an assessment to check whether you qualify for NHS braces and also to check that your teeth are suitable for braces.



If you need a new set of fixed or removable retainers, we can help. Even if your original treatment was not done at Rossendale Dental Health Centre, please contact us for information on how we can help.

To prevent the teeth from moving back to their original positions and becoming crooked again, retainers are usually provided at the end of orthodontic treatment. Instructions on how much to wear these and how to look after them is also provided. 

Retainers can be removable or fixed and the type that each patient needs is determined by the orthodontist depending on the teeth position.

Retainers need to be worn for life to maintain the corrected teeth positions as the teeth can move at any age! The original set of retainers provided at the start of treatment will not last forever, so it is important to replace or maintain them to keep them working properly. If you think your retainers may need repair or replacement, please get in touch with us.


Supporting the NHS

To aid in halting the spread of Covid-19, there have been different restrictions placed in differing location across the nation and some dental practices have been closed. Our practice has remained open throughout this crisis and we have been asked by the NHS to help in giving access to emergency dental care for patients across Lancashire.

We are however open for other regular NHS and private dental treatments for our patients. If you would like an appointment, please email [email protected] or call us on 01706 836130.

Protecting our patients

Our top priority is patient safety and your wellbeing. If you require an appointment at our practice, you may find that there have been some changes in how you access the practice, the PPE used and appointments for some treatments may take a little longer.

Alternatively, you can wait for us to contact you via email or text for your usual recall appointment. Please be reassured that although some of these routine annual or 6 monthly appointments may be delayed due the Covid crisis, you will be contacted moving forward.

Urgent treatment

If you require an urgent appointment, we have daily emergency slots, and you would normally be seen the same day.